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Put simply, Burglar alarms in York are designed to prevent intruders from breaking into your home and property. At Beddall Electrical Services Ltd, we offer a wide range of options to best suit your requirements and circumstances. As a City & Guilds approved business benefiting from decades of experience, we strive to maintain our excellent reputation by providing unparallelled customer care for all of our security system installations.

Choose from a Range of Intruder Alarms

The primary goal of a burglar alarm should be to prevent the potential intruder from gaining entry to your premises. This can be achieved by fitting seismic detectors to accessible windows and doors, especially around the rear of the property where roughly 86% of break-ins occur.

These devices are effective at stopping the attack by cleverly detecting high frequency vibrations caused whilst the burglar is attempting to force a window or door, consequently triggering the alarm system sounders.

Our systems have twin piezo sounders externally and a powerful internal sounder. Continuing to attempt to gain entry to the premises at this stage is no longer an option and rather than be spotted they will leave the area forthwith.

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Not Just Internal Solutions

A system with only contacts and internal movement detectors will not prevent unlawful entry into your premises. By the time the burglar has gained entry they will have caused a great deal of damage and often attempt to destroy the alarm system. They will then usually grab what they can and leave. This type of detection is usually offered only as a very basic/ budget system.

We at Beddall Electrical Services Ltd take pride in the fact that due to our emphasis on perimeter protection we have helped to prevent scores of people from becoming victims of crime. Call us today to discuss which intruder alarms are best for you to help protect your home. We provide burglar alarms in York and the surrounding areas to suit all circumstances and budgets.

Alarm Repairs in York

We provide a 24/7 emergency alarm repair service in York and the surrounding areas. We will respond promptly to your call in order to fix your alarm system, as we understand that an alarm that won’t stop going off or an alarm which fails to work at all are both emergency situations. Call our friendly team to get your alarm system back on track right now!

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