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We offer CCTV installation in York for home owners, businesses and organisations.

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Quality CCTV Installation in York

We have specialise in CCTV installations in York and can help with the planning, installation and set-up of new CCTV cameras, as well as repair and maintenance of older systems.

  • Advanced security systems professionally installed
  • Friendly support & long term warranties

Whatever type of building you want to protect, we’re here to help. We provide complete CCTV installation services in York in every postcode area. We also provide repair and maintenance services whenever they are required, so you rest assured that if you ever encounter any problems then we will be on hand to provide timely assistance.

Call today and find out why so many others are using our systems to stay safe. Call us for a free quote – and we can arrange to inspect your property and help with protecting it against theft and criminal damage.

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What we can offer you:

  • The best value HD CCTV in York
  • Help & advice on staying secure
  • Night vision enabled – 30m in pitch black!
  • View your footage on your phone or PC

York being a large town suffers average crime rates – crimes such as theft, burglary and vehicle crime are average – as you would expect.

Businesses may suffer with higher than average levels of shoplifting – and CCTV can be a superb tool to use to combat this type of petty crime.

CCTV Systems in York

Research has shown investing in a reliable, properly maintained CCTV system is a simple, cost-effective way to deter criminals in your home or business premises. Here at Beddall Electrical Services Ltd our trained staff can advise you on a system that suits your needs:

  • Professional CCTV installation in York and surrounding areas to minimise any blind spots
  • 24 hour monitoring
  • Comprehensive maintenance and repair, including upgrading existing systems 
recent project for cctv installation in york

We can also arrange for you to be able to view footage on your smartphone for added peace of mind. With the average case taking four months or more to go through York Magistrates court, deterring criminals in the first place is an investment that saves you time and money should the worst happen.

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With hundreds of installations under our belt, our experienced, highly skilled technicians can take you through every step of planning your CCTV installation in York through to the actual installation. Call us today for a free consultation!